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Forums > Living in Kunming > Driving License In Kunming ?!?!

Remind me of the summer break after high school before college...had to go to the stupid driving school and practice for 1.5 month to be qualified to take the driving test.

It was around 3K RMB for the driving school tuition, plus paying for the instructor's portion of the shared lunch gatherings everyday.

Payed $17 USD in total when I came to the US for both the written and driving test and the driver's license.

But due to China's crazy traffic pattern I can understand the reasoning behind the mandatory driving school attendance in order to get the license. However I bet most if not all driving school instructors in China probably teach the student drivers to do exactly those kind of the road aggressions and bad habits that required them to attend the school in the first place. Seems to be a deadlock situation.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Social renting of things - what do you think?

Thanks all for your inputs.

Yup, the deposit is for this purpose:

In case of damage or abnormal wear of the item, owner is entitled to deduct a portion of the deposit refund to the renter.

The tricky thing is the deposit itself: setting too much, nobody would rent the item; too little, it doesn't provide full protection for the owner.

If our site were to provide the insurance and payment handling, then it will incur much more complexity and responsibility for us: dispute resolution/customer service, taxation of owners income, etc.

For now due to our current resource limitation (all 3 of us have regular full time day jobs), we will leave the transaction to the users themselves. We just provide all the free tools for them to go through the whole process more smoothly.


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