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Good site for downloading Chinese subtitles?

kmting (26 posts) • 0

I often found Chinese subs but the characters couldn't be displayed and ended up being nonsense symbols. Is there a quick fix for that? often with more obscure or old films
( maybe a no-brainer but I always just google [name of film] 字幕 and usually there's something)

Krismoonpie (80 posts) • 0

When you get the weird jumbled characters instead of Chinese sometimes it can be fixed with a bit of software called Aegisub. You open the faulty subtitle file with Aegisub and if you can see Chinese characters there then you export the file as a new .ass (for some reason) file and that can regularly clear up the problem, but not always.

viyida (22 posts) • 0

You need to choose the font style "Arial Unicode MS" in your media player.

If you don't have this font in your system, download the .TTF (True Type Font) file from the following link (or google it):


After acquiring the file, move it to your Windows folder where fonts files are stored:


For your media player such as VLC, change subtitle default decoding to "Universal, Chinese (GB18030)"

Problem should be solved. Chinese .srt subs should display properly.

YerethYereth (95 posts) • 0

@Kris Thanks for the tip! I've had that problem several times and haven't found a consistent solution to the problem so far.

YerethYereth (95 posts) • 0

Just discovered www.zimuku.la seems to be offline, which was my go-to for great Chinese subtitles. Does anyone have an alternative that doesn't have encoding problems like some of them do?


Mario007 (26 posts) • 0

I usually use subhd.com. There's plenty of choices in subtiltes over there and pretty easy to look for movies or tv shows.

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