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Forums > Food & Drink > Bar Name ideas

Im from NZ, but I'm not the only person/ nationality involved and there is not real a kiwi- centric aspect to the place either. Of course it had crossed my mind, but I thought given most of the customers are not native English speakers I think a name like that may be too difficult for people to understand, and any creativity in the name would just be lost on them.
Im happy for any and all input though...

Forums > Food & Drink > Bar Name ideas

As many entries as you like, the more the better- I'm not paying 1500 per time though, its 1500 if I get one I'm happy to use. I realise the name might not be as important as I think(though I'm sure a philosopher will tell me its logically impossible)...........however I do need A name, and like my last place, I like to have a name that sounds good and a name to be proud of. Keeping it short is a plus too I think.

Forums > Food & Drink > Bar Name ideas

I am involved in opening a new bar/ cafe, and am struggling to come up with a good name. In my mind a "good name" should say something about the place, as well as either the Chinese translation OR transliteration sounding good, or at the very least be simple to pronounce.
The place itself is next to a park, and will have a garden area in the summer. It will focus on imported beer and cocktails, with a more cafe'ish feel upstairs and more bar'ish feel in the basement. Will have pool, foosball etc, and be owned and run by a mix of expats/ locals. Food will focus on pizza, pasta and burgers.

Clientele will be a mix of Chinese and foreigners.

1000rmb bar tab if you can come up with a name I use* Any questions just ask.

*Bar is in North- West China so you'd need to make your own way up here, so I will make the tab 1500 to cover the hard seat train...


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True story- I ran into blobbles in the wilds of the Tian Shan last year. We spent a few days in the mountains together, and at that time he often pondered aloud how much he wanted to cook up some marmot soup, an animal which is also known to have a high incidence of rabies. He eventually left the hills unsated.

It makes me wonder what really did happen to those that raccoon...



And for an "Adam Ryan" your......Engrish sux dude!

Babs' pizza is not bad at all, and Im not exactly sure how it could be swimming in oil even if it tried.


"In January 2012 we ended up with a lazy cook that produced very inconsistent dish quality, one day good, the next terrible, especially obvious on Pizza. Because it was just before Chinese New Year we could not fire him without problem staffing the kitchen."

Interesting that you made the decision to serve often "terrible" food, which people had to pay for presumably, rather than just close the kitchen until you could find a cook that didnt serve terrible fare. If I were you, and having been to your establishment once I speak with limited experience, I'd be extremely grateful with the 4 stars you already have


Is this place new, has it just changed to a fantastic new menu, or are there other forces at play here?

Any old timers or Michelin- rated French chefs who have recently moved to KM been here?


"chongzijia" would it be wrong of me to assume you had a relationship with this guesthouse? If so don't you think you should state this up front, and possibly abstain from giving a star rating?
Actually I think if you pay for an ad you are able to write an intro for your business...

Otherwise your review may appear to be slightly disingenuous? These reviews have low enough credibility as it is. Just a thought.


I went there over the winter. Beer was nice and cold but the bar appeared to have no roof. Perhaps it has one now...