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The Bug's Guesthouse • Next to Laosifang Jie, Shuhe old town

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Chinese and Italian owned guesthouse in the center of ShuHe old town, 10 minutes away from the crowded Lijiang.

Relax drinking italian moka coffee in the quiet and peaceful garden, enjoy the view of the snow mountain from the roof terrace, plan your escape from the city with our tour information and have a beer or a glass of wine in the night.
Clean and cosy rooms, cheap prices and warm atmosphere.
Contact: Michele 15208884102, Libby 15126073779



I spent three nights at Chongzijia last month.

The rooms are new, clean and full of natural light. The beds are really comfortable! The bathroom was also fine and had all the amenities.

Good and quiet location hidden off a sidestreet (not too difficult to find). Only about two minutes walk to the main streets.

Michele and Libby were fantastic hosts. Libby's mother is a great cook and it was also a pleasant surprise to be treated to some real Italian cuisine.


"chongzijia" would it be wrong of me to assume you had a relationship with this guesthouse? If so don't you think you should state this up front, and possibly abstain from giving a star rating?
Actually I think if you pay for an ad you are able to write an intro for your business...

Otherwise your review may appear to be slightly disingenuous? These reviews have low enough credibility as it is. Just a thought.