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About 290,000 studied in China in 2011, compared to just over 60,000 in 2001, according to the MOE. South Koreans (62,442) were the largest group of foreign students studying in China in 2011, followed by Americans (23,292). The Japanese (17,961), Russians (13,340), Indonesians (10,957) and Indians (9,370) also have large student populations, while almost 50,000 Europeans undertook some form of tertiary study in China in 2011, led by France (7,592) and Germany (5,451), UK (5,129).

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I'm in.
I agree with the others. Moondog is cool but too noisy and crowded for that.
As you like is a bit small i reckon.
Not in the north please.

Need a place when we could relax easy (can't really thinkk about a library).
Plenty of chinese bar, some 100m from Moondog, quiet and nice for exemple ! Or wenlinjie has good spots.


No results found.


One day off per year !!
When i think that i'm often complaining because my 14h/week's schedule is too much ! How spoiled i am :(
Great article, thanks.

Waiting for more picture of old kunming !!!



Nice environment...
friendly staff...
descent price..
Snooker, pingpong, and plenty of dvds,..
The food is alright too :) ..
..well, nice place to stay or hang out


The food is great for sure.
Plenty of choice, good sandwiches.
Nice place, however sometimes too much "western" atmosphere...