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Forums > Food & Drink > Memories of Moondog

Who has memories of Moondog? I used to hangout there a lot and have a lot of good memories there. Loved that place. :D

Forums > Living in Kunming > Want to troll, troll here.

The level of discourse on this forum is quite low. I respect the mods for the work that they do, however the complete lack of respect I have got from more than a few posters has been quite insulting.

It astounds me just how much people disrespect others on this forum. People are quite often ganged up on here if they express an opinion that is different from that of the status quo.

Often it's over such trivial matters as which MiXian is the best, or which hospitals do testing, ect... Almost every thread on here devolves into a pissing contest.

One user I had a disagreement with even went so low as to publish private emails to him when I decided to extend an olive branch and try to raise the level of maturity in the conversation. It's a clear violation of privacy and a perfect example of kind of bullying that goes on here.

When that happened I reported it to a mod and they handled it amicably.

Other than that all I can say is that I agree with the others on this thread about not feeding any trolls.


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Why didn't you guys go with a famous British photographer instead of an unknown Chinese photographer that mostly does self portraits?


A third of the price would have been enough to keep the riff raff out. Unless Gordon Ramsay is the chef, then there is no justification for that price.


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