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Forums > Living in Kunming > Post to EU how much p/kg?


thanks. im leaving but will travel a bit so dont want to carry heavy winter stuff around with me.

@michael thanks for the info.

@hehehe no im not. i can speak chinese. and i would never expect anyone here to serve me in english. i said mandarin not english.

@lemon lover

its not a view of humanity, just some of the people here. ive had to deal with so many fuckwits here ive lost my patience hence the comment.

eg:spending 5 hours over three days in Bank of China just get a new atm card.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Post to EU how much p/kg?

well yes thats the obvious thing to do but i'd rather not have to because usually its some fuckwit who has no idea, cant speak mandarin etc.

so i thought id ask here first... seeing as this is a forum for info about km.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Using ATM cards abroad

@hotwater, from what I can find online UP can be used at some POS in Ireland, but not for cash withdrawals. Seems ridiculous. I'd imagine it will have to change soon,


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@tallamerican, exactly what happened to me. i think its the beans because i had the same problem a few months from the mexican breakfast.