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Using ATM cards abroad

Scottish guy (30 posts) • +1

Huaxia bank cards allow you to withdraw directly from your Chinese CNY account. Most other banks including ICBC and BOC make you pre buy the desired currency. Also note, most cards are unionpay which are not universally accepted, to get a visa or MasterCard, you need to meet more conditions.

Edit: Huaxia in Chinese characters is 华夏

scorpion85 (18 posts) • 0

I use BOC card back to country to withdraw money, on each withdraw 15RMB is deduced as bank fee, and also there is limit of money for each transections, but no limits how much transections you want to do. I heared about HUAxia is free, but when I tried to use this atm it was not working in my coutry then I got to know that I need to activate it from bank before I use it in another country.

DanTheMan (620 posts) • 0

Any machine with Union Pay logo will accept any Chinese bank card in my experience. Not all banks have relationship with Union Pay, but can usually find one pretty quickly. You can Google for lists if what banks ATMs accept Union Pay.

nailer (99 posts) • 0

I was in Seoul recently and my Union Pay CCB card didnt work in any bank machine. But it worked in a convenience store ATM.

Scottish guy (30 posts) • +1

I recently went to Thailand where unionpay machines were everywhere, however some were older machines that only read the magnetic strip. Both my Chinese cards don't have a functioning strip one has worn off and the other, newer one simply doesn't have it. The newer cash machines tended to be at convenience store

nailer (99 posts) • 0

I just checked online, seems I can only use Union Pay cards at POS at home, not at an ATM.

AlexKMG (2387 posts) • 0

I was able to use my ccb bank card at a Bank of America atm to withdraw usd. However, it might be because those two banks have a special relationship. Fees and below par exchange rate meant I only bothered to do this once, but the max amount seemed high as I was able to get 800usd with no problem. But there are very very few Bank of America atms outside of usa.

AlPage48 (1394 posts) • 0

Chinese banks have recently updated their systems. From what I've been told they may now only accept transactions that originated from a chip enabled device as opposed to the old mag stripe.

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