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Using ATM cards abroad

Hotwater (205 posts) • 0

You can only use Unionpay cards outside China where the number starts 69. If it starts 46 you're stuck. I recently used my magnetic stripe only card in the UK.

Hotwater (205 posts) • 0

You might want to talk to your bank @Nailer. I've used mine all over SE Asia, Mexico, Cuba, Europe but not all banks machines worked. UK for example only certain banks. Republic of Ireland wouldn't work at all (but I knew that from Unionpay website)

ricsnapricsnap (193 posts) • 0

This is really a no brainer. HSBC accepts them, and you find an HSBC ATM in every capital of the world, including Ireland. In addition, anywhere Chinese tourists go, Unionpay is accepted indeed. Business as always...!

nailer (99 posts) • 0

@ricsnap speaking of no brains...

I went to BOC today to get a new card and update my accoutn which I havent used in a couple of years. BOC are opening a branch in my hometown so I figured that would be a good bet. I was there for an hour, they coudnt do it. told me to come back in two days as it was taking too long. Unbelievable.

nailer (99 posts) • 0


there are no union pay atms in ireland. are you sure an HSBC card will work in Ireland? Have you used one?

nailer (99 posts) • 0

@hotwater, from what I can find online UP can be used at some POS in Ireland, but not for cash withdrawals. Seems ridiculous. I'd imagine it will have to change soon,

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