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well, happy to c there are some few book lovers left, such as john and ness... my lonely life feels less alone...

for next meeting, i propose ancient greek meeting with ancient india

1 dionysos travel to india: a must read poem by nonnus of panoplis (b careful! unfortunatly too much violence, like in most greeks' public myths. they mzy have learned non-violence from india)

2 scepticism, already present in socrate's confession of ignorance, took a strong breathe when inquiring indians' culture and buddhism, starting with pirrho

therefore we may read sextus empiricus: outline of pyrrhonism

ok la?


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ja, people, development, ecology seem to b quite complicated. it appears to b very difficult people respect ecology. and not only tourists, i ve been cleaning around lama's temple the tibetan garbage, tibetans dont seem care leaving garbage on the precious mountain.

dont think there is much hope. ignorance,carelessness or evil r strong....

in terms of architecture, and in general, i hope imagination and tradition can synthetize.

i believe some progress could b made in chinese urbanization and building, for instance much more green spaces

i hope also poverty alleviation can b reached, kerping communist ideals of equality between people, in terms if resources, rights and opportunity

lastly i hope freedom of expressionand information of the people is secured

though financial reasons may not be the first cause of domestic violence, it is striking that it is quoted here

i still hold that the economical system we live in is very alienating and kind of totalitaryan as it seems quite impossible to live outside dominant capitalism

by the way, is prostitution considered as violence on women for money causes?

om mari pe mehung
pro dyonysos philosophya?/