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Alien (3819 posts) • 0

As it is primarily an English-language medium, gokunming's readers are, I think, mostly non-Chinese living in Yunnan. Is there any reason why news items concerning events that occur among us should not be reported on a regular basis? I am not criticizing the editors of gokunming, but simply requesting opinions from readers and gokunming staff about the appropriateness of posting what I guess you might call 'society news' (although I hate the term and what it usually means) here (not necessarily fully-worked-up professional articles).
Example: it happens that a long-time former foreign resident of Jinghong has died and been cremated in Chiang Mai - seems to me some more specifics of this might be appropriate, but I'd like to hear other opinions. And I would not want such a platform to turn into an inane and irresponsible gossip affair (e.g.: "Bob was seen with Alice last night, but we'd thought he was gay", or "Ali, pseudonym Alien, was found on the sidewalk in Haikou at 11AM this morning without his shoes but with a terrible hangover resulting from ferocious and unsuccessful competitive drinking at Moondog in Kunming 2 days earlier. He had no idea how..." etc.) - there is such a thing as a right to a certain amount of personal privacy, exemplified by the provision for the use of online pseudonyms - so it seems to me some regular responsible editing might be a good idea.

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john you ll save litterature from extreme muslims burnings: auto da fe...

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vicar (817 posts) • 0

Would the guy in Jinghong have wanted his life and death discussed on a forum?

"Expat society news" you'd be scraping the bottom of the barrel for anything worth posting to be honest. Anything worth noting is already on gokunming anyway isn't it?

As for regular editing, maybe you've been in China too long or something. Almost 3000 posts now Alien!

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