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My friend who uses an ebike in Shanghai takes her battery out from under the seat. It seems to be the most valuable part of the bike which people want to resell. I've seen her take it out without much problem.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Yunnan Minorities and Ethnocide

I agree with @Blobbles that the contribution here is good food for thought. Was also wondering that since we are on GoK there must be contributers who are part of the organizations listed on the site (copied below) that would have some input on this issue. It seems like this has become more of a one track discussion, but at the same time there's probably a lot of benefits organizations bring to the benefit of minority villages.

Missions in China - Yunnan
American Baptist
Asia Harvest
Scott Coats
USAID Faith Based Initiativs
Bless China International - Was Project Grace
Wicker Basket North
Wicker Basket West
Hani Coffee
Kunming International Fellowship
New Life Center Foundation
YWAM from Thailand
SIL - National Office is in Kunming
Business as Mission
Canaan Gift Shop
Heart to Hands


No results found.


Hmm although personally I believe that gok ultimately has the readers best intention in mind, I can see how one may draw on a few things regarding colluding.

First @scully understands how this may reflect badly on gok. It is natural to assume that relationship because today's journalism is hardly the work on an individual. There are editors and then the ppl who publish it, whether uploading online or printing, who are all reading or screening or editing the article.

Either way, this seems to be resolved and we should just look to the future of gok.

Getting Away: Sapa

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Bluppfisk: I have always admired the traditionalist, the purist. The chef from Italy who disdains fusion food yet conjures beautiful rustic recipes.

But why waste energy on a fact of life? 'trek' may appeal to the masses who want to experience 'adventure' but may not be up for a 50 mile trek thru rugged jungle.

People have different needs and wants, respect it or ignore it. Marketers appeal to these needs whether it's the purist like yourself or the more commercial mass market. No need to get worked up.

I think this is a very good start to grow the trade and tourism industry that centers on the Mekong river which flows through China and numerous South East Asian countries. Security and condition of the area is crucial to begin sustainable development to utilize this important backbone in this region.

I believe they mean traditional tourists, not including migrant workers. That's why they noted hotel room bookings as it aligns with travel for leisure.



Had sometime to drop by quickly for some breakfast. Relaxed atmosphere ordered the focaccia sandwich which was nice with the chutney and had a cup of coffee that hit the spot. Both came promptly and were delicious. Didn't get to spend too much time due to an appointment but glad I got a chance to make it out. Will return.


Overall very good brunch experience. Had the eggs benedict, which was a pleasant menu for a young city like Kunming. The bloody mary and coffee was also very good. Atmosphere is a cozy outdoor veranda feel which is lush and airy although amongst a few buildings. Hope they continue the focus on quality and innovation.


Great people who care about what's going on in the shop, everything from the bread to the drinks to the atmosphere. Hope this place keeps promoting the homemade, feel good ingredients type of atmosphere!


Dropped by for brunch and coffee the other day. Great service and decent food. Cozy cafe with a small patio area, suits the purpose.


A solid place. Great food. Extensive menu. I heard it's been around for a while, interesting to see how it grows with Kunming's fast development with the rest of wenlinjie changing quite fast.