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Forums > Living in Kunming > Are cheap Chinese bikes worth buying ?

I have a Chinese-made folding bike bought in Canada (Therefore, there's no point me discussing the cost). but I wouldn't hesitate to buy a Chinese-made bike in future. Yes, sometimes, alloy tubing is used and, obviously, it affects the price.
Perhaps, ten years ago, one would have been much more cautious.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Bangladesh

China Eastern flight MU5708 ETD Kunming 12:55 am, ETA Dhaka 01:00 am.

A 30-day visa will be attached to your passport on arrival in Dhaka.

You ought to have immunization for measles.

OFFICIAL WARNING: Foreign Affairs advises against all travel to the Chittagong Hill Tracts region, where there is a high risk of politically motivated violence, ethnic clashes and kidnappings. Bangladeshi authorities must be notified seven days before any travel to this region. Exercise extreme caution, maintain a high level of personal security awareness at all times, monitor local developments, and avoid crowds and demonstrations.

Forums > Food & Drink > Where's the dank food at?

@Dinkus: There are many restaurants on this Website. Nevertheless, more would be welcome. Therefore, why don't you spend a moment going to the 'Restaurants' page and placing your "amazing" finds there.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Business card print shops

Today, having left Kunming, I am unable to provide an actual business name, but with decades of years in publishing, I was always impressed by the quality of many "run-of-the-mill places" in Kunming. Of course, for a high-end magazine, calibrated colour levels, etc., are important, but (standard size) business cards?


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Matthew; Thank you for that. I think that I have been under a silly misunderstanding (?) I always assumed that the writer originates the tag words and, thus, may not have covered everything. Now, I guess that you guys do that?

Chris; No doubt, your new window view has had an affect on your writing creations (Actually, this story may have been conceived before the new view, but let's pretend otherwise).

Is it not possible to have a section of this Website specifically set up to permit easy searches to well-written travel stories. Yes, we have Lonely Planet, but there's also an important niche for stories like this.

I can't imagine that you'll not offer this story to every airline that flies into China, for example.

Fantastic pictures - can't wait to return.

One small critique; hotel descriptions would be nice.

Chris; Now, living away from Kunming, your story is a joy. Will you, now, relocate your office back to the apartment with the fantastic new view. Which reminds me of the saying, "A writer is working his hardest when staring out the window".
Kunming will be totally renovated with the removal of the 'cages'. I look forward to seeing the result.
My only fear is that landlords will reinstall things back inside the window.
By the way, who gets the financial compensation - there's a fortune in metal there.

'Nope' has a point. But I hope that the recent crackdown on corruption will deter too many new villas being built (There will be some, of course).

If not, perhaps, the arrival of the next revolution will arrive before we originally imagined.



This restaurant is totally overwhelmed whenever the 4th floor is opened ... especially at weekends.

The kitchen is too small, and the kitchen staff too inexperienced. As others have said, it isn't difficult to learn that an 'appetizer' is a 'starter' and should be served before the main course.

To explain that the kitchen is "Too busy" should mean. 'CLOSE THE TOP FLOOR!'

The owner must recruit more staff from India, and spend more time at the restaurant (He hasn't been here here for three months).


Poor service, certainly. Exagerated ego, probably.


'American' breakfast with Yunnan tea ... No thank you!
I yearn for fresh bread somewhere.


I am considering a visit to Kunming soon.
This information confuses me. There is another hotel on the opposite side of the street (opposite the university's West Gate) that is also called (as far as I remember) Yunnan University Hotel.
It is much less expensive.
Hotel reviews are much needed.