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Has anyone taken the direct flight from Kunming to Dacca (assuming it's still running)? Is a visa available on arrival (for western or for Chinese both)? If not, any recommendations as to how/where to get a visa beforehand? Does it really involve a trip to BJ/SH/HK? Are there agents? Thanks in advance.

OceanOcean (1180 posts) • 0

Thank you. A noisy and muddled website, but I finally tracked down the information I needed there. Appreciate your response.

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China Eastern flight MU5708 ETD Kunming 12:55 am, ETA Dhaka 01:00 am.

A 30-day visa will be attached to your passport on arrival in Dhaka.

You ought to have immunization for measles.

OFFICIAL WARNING: Foreign Affairs advises against all travel to the Chittagong Hill Tracts region, where there is a high risk of politically motivated violence, ethnic clashes and kidnappings. Bangladeshi authorities must be notified seven days before any travel to this region. Exercise extreme caution, maintain a high level of personal security awareness at all times, monitor local developments, and avoid crowds and demonstrations.

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That's really useful Bernie, thank you. Is that true for Chinese nationals (as well as US, Europeans, etc) do you know?

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My 2 cents - it seems that even if Chinese nationals are eligible for a visa-on-arrival the Chinese government does not let its nationals leave the country without a visa for that country. Things may have changed, but every Chinese person on the flight from Kunming to Vientiane I was on in March had a visa in their passport (no one used the visa-on-arrival facility at Vientiane airport). Similarly, I observed numerous Chinese people at Bangkok airport with Thai visas from the Embassy in Beijing; this despite Chinese citizens being eligible for visas on arrival in Thailand too.

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Bangladesh is a country that I would see the first time with a tour group, or if I knew someone there. I think it would be an interesting place to see and visit, but a place that is very, very stinky poor and crowded. When I mean poor, I mean gut wrenching poverty.

This country is also very condensed with people. A nation the size of Arkansas with the population of France and Germany combined. Not to mention the floodplain.

It's not that I would not want to go there, but it is not on the hit parade for places to go despite the exotic name.

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