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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Police certificate of no criminal records

I'm reviving this post because it is a few years old. I am looking to get a police clearance certificate. I haven't lived in Kunming since 2014, I still have my old passport, but I don't have my old address registration. I'm wondering if anyone has gotten a police clearance any time recently in Kunming and knows of any services that can support?

I am aware there is another post on this topic that is older with good info:[...]

Forums > Living in Kunming > Online Masters in TESOL

Thank you very much, the idea would be to both change positions here and then go abroad. @Tiger, you looked into it here? Are there any local Universities that have this or a similar program in Kunming (Or maybe Beijing/Shanghai)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Online Masters in TESOL

Has anyone here looked into online MEd TESOL/TESL programs from American/Canadian/British Universities? Do you have any thoughts on these programs? I've taught for a couple of years and would like something more involved than a Certificate diploma.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Visa for Myanmar

From the erjilu subway stop, walk north about one block and take the first major left turn. The consulate will be on your left in a small white building with a high cement wall around it.

some online sources say the building is in the city center, but these are out of date.


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This is big news if you are planning an event. For the ultimate frisbee tournament, this would mean that we could draw folks living in HK, lao, vietnam to play for the weekend. As it stands if people in Hanoi want to particpate is means paying a pretty hefty visa fee.

does that park at the end of the 10 bus line have a name or a GoK write up? I think that could be a nice day to combine the two, though I haven't been to that park in a while. I seem to remember a flying tiger museum up there too or am I making that up?

You do not need to register for disc golf, the idea is that most folks will play when their ultimate games are done. The play is mapped out, but will be pretty imformal (with prizes of course). The discs will be on sale throughout the days, but Yikun is not sending a rep.



Ruan Jingping and Yin Chunhong helped me secure a certificate of no criminal record from the Kunming Exit-Entry administration while I was here in Canada.

Now that the process is completed and i have the notarized and translated documents needed I am giving them a 5-start review for the following reasons:

1) Understanding local laws and regulations.

Finding updated information about policies affecting foreigners can be quite difficult, Yingke lawfirm has the resources to research these policies and give you up-to-date information

2) Trustworthy. During this process I had to send my current and expired passports to China, this was stressful and I was worried they would be lost. Ruan Jingping received my passport and stayed in close communication and sent it back to me without issue. This law firm is very professional and worthy of your trust with important documents.

3) English Communication
My mandarin is good, but not good enough to navigate legal forms. The Yingke team speaks fluent English and can communicate effectively by Email, Phone, or we chat to answer your questions in a timely manner.

Thank you Ruan Jingping and Yin Chunhong!


I can't speak to the education quality of the school but:

The soccer/football/frisbee field has grass and is fairly well maintained

Getting here on the 84 bus is a snap (from Yunda, Xiaoximen), the gate is right accross the street from the 上马村 bus stop.


My room was part of a suite with polite neighbors in the other rooms. High above the walking mall of Wangfujing, the place is elegant, clean and the location cannot be beat if you are coming to Kunming for travel or business. It was great to have a living room and kitchen and all the amenities of an apartment and the manager speaks English quite-well and was really helpful. The whole experience made me felt like I was home in Kunming, not just traveling. This place is a little more expensive than a hotel, but you get a lot more.