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Kunming to host ultimate frisbee hat tourney

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The first weekend in July will see something that has been missing from the Spring City for a few years: an ultimate frisbee tournament. The sport, more commonly referred to simply as Ultimate, is growing rapidly in China. In an effort to foster that trend, the Kunming Ultimate Club is hosting what they have dubbed the "Golden Cat Hat" tournament July 6-7. It will be the third such competition held in Kunming.

In frisbee parlance, a hat tournament means competitors enter as individuals rather than teams. When people register to play, they rank their abilities according to a number of criteria, thus helping organizers to create several mixed gender teams of similar skill levels. Anyone wanting to compete in the tournament must fill out this online registration form prior to July 6. This will assure your place on a team and guarantee you get to be fully involved in all the festivities.

The fee for taking part in the tournament is 200 yuan for students and 250 for non-studious types. This includes two days of games on the beautiful grass fields at Kunming Haigeng Sports Training Center. Lunch on both days will be provided by event organizers as will free-flowing beer on the sidelines. Participants will also receive a sweet t-shirt emblazoned with the tournament logo.

On the evening of Friday July 5, a registration party will be held at Moondog. There will be drink specials beginning at 8pm and people will receive t-shirts and team assignments. The following night after games have been completed, O'Reilly's Irish Pub will host a second party with a 'Midas Touch' theme, again with drink specials for players.

Official logo of the Golden Cat Hat
Official logo of the Golden Cat Hat

Ultimate — in Chinese called jixian feipan (极限飞盘) — is a hodgepodge of other sports and incorporates elements of American football. It is perhaps unique in the sporting world as players often referee themselves. Learning how to play is fairly simple as the rules are straightforward.

People of all skill levels are encouraged to attend the tournament, even those with no previous exposure to playing frisbee competitively. Click here to learn more about the sport.

If you have any questions regarding the Golden Cat Hat or if the registration form gives you any problems, contact organizers at kunmingultimate [at] gmail [dot] com. Those traveling to the Spring City from out of town are also encouraged to get in touch with organizers who can assist in putting together room shares.

Kunming Ultimate would also like to remind everyone that they hold twice-weekly games. Every Wednesday and Sunday starting at 4:30pm the group meets at the Yunnan University fields to play. The fields are just off Yieryi Dajie across the road from the front gate of Yunnan University of Nationalities. If you would like to join, bring water, workout clothes and cleats if you have them.

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ultimate is all good and everything, but does anyone have info on (or even know of) disc golf? Is there a makeshift course anyone has created here or even have discs? I spotted a few discs in my friend's apartment so i'm hoping there might be more in this city. sorry to be slightly off topic but i'm sure all frisbee fans will read this article...

I know years ago there was a course of some sort up north somewhere, possibly near the botanical gardens, but I can't remember who was involved.

These guys make gold discs and are known to make pretty decent ultimate discs: www.yikunsports.com/en/

They have a Taobao store. Speaking of Taobao, as usual, if you're looking for something you can probably find it on Taobao. I've always had excellent experiences and shipping is surprisingly fast.

*golf discs, not gold discs

sweet, thanks DanTheMan! it'd be nice to get something going around here. i know at least one other person (with discs) and i'm sure a bunch more would be interested.

If anyone else is, please let me know and maybe we can get a small group to go out somewhere and do a makeshift course. Interested Dan?

Yikun sports is going to be co-sponsoring the tourney and will have a bunch of their disks out to try/buy. If you dont feel like paying for shipping and or want to give their goods a shot, come on down to the fields! A couple of us TD's are also going to map out a disc golf course at the tourney fields with a prize for the low score of the weekend.


Went down to the fields yesterday to map out a possilbe course. Course info will be passed out at the tourney for those who want to participate. I think it would be cool to have both golf discs and gold discs. I guess I'm just getting excited for the Saturday night party when everything will be gold.

is it necessary to sign-up for the disc golf tourney? also, would you guys know specific times (and general details) the Yikun sports guys will be operating? cheers for the organizing!

You do not need to register for disc golf, the idea is that most folks will play when their ultimate games are done. The play is mapped out, but will be pretty imformal (with prizes of course). The discs will be on sale throughout the days, but Yikun is not sending a rep.

the golf discs will not be on sale, ad they were not sent. we will still have a course, and pleny of ultimate discs will be given away.

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