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I was recently told that China imports some 60% of its rice which sounded very improbable to me. I found figures online which, after some calculations, suggested it was nearer 1% in 2017.
Does anyone know, or know where to find, a more definitive answer?

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My experience is a little different. My (foreign) son is in Yr2 at a Primary School. Class size 42. No incidents of bullying (as yet). No "bribes" required though we have been voluntarily "generous" with our thank-yous at festival times.
However, don't get me started on the politics, the lack of organisation, the focus on exam scores and the huge amounts of homework....

Forums > Food & Drink > Memories of Moondog

There are still many areas in the city all shuttered up since the military stopped running them. Wonder if they will be sold off and reopened anytime soon?


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As an e-bike user myself, the sooner the better for making helmets compulsory, but I see no sign of it being enforced as yet. Why not also fine those who use their phones while driving or who drive up the roads the wrong way or who don't indicate or......



Price is now 100RMB for adults, 70RMB for children.
Some of the animal areas are as far as 10+km from the entrance - you can buy a hop on/off bus ticket for 60RMB per person, but there are also clearly marked walkways for those who are full of energy.

Everything inside is pretty expensive - consider bringing a picnic.

Many of the animals are in large outdoor enclosures. Some are caged. The park calls itself a safari, but this is not a "drive your car amongst the animals" thing. It's more like a decent western zoo.
There are places to handle/be photographed with animals, for a fee. Also, some kids amusements.
The animal show is free, but a waste of time (unless you love watching goats, sheep, pigs, horses etc!!).
Good labelling i English thorughout.


Still worth a visit, especially for the arhat statues. The 11am vegetarian lunch is basic, but still only 10RMB. Free entry.


Prague cafe used to be my favourite cafe in Wenlin area but I went for lunch there today after a few months away and it's really gone downhill (new owners?). The menu was a photocopy, the food was lacklustre and much more expensive than before, the decor was dull and the service so-so. I won't be back there anytime soon.


It's open! And it's free. And its terrific for kids.

The museum is surprisingly interactive (although only 2/3 of the attractions are working) and modern (VR, simulators, touchscreens, etc). Sadly, no English on any of the displays but the fun is in trying to work out how the exhibits work and what they are supposed to be showing. Well worth a visit.