Buddhist temple near the top of Yu'an Mountain in the range of hills that runs along the western edge of Kunming. It was the very first temple dedicated to Zen Buddhism anywhere in Yunnan. In 1983 it was recognized by the State Council as a major Buddhist temple.

The temple is noted for its idiosyncratic sculptures depicting arhats, or enlightened people, which were commissioned during one of the structure's many rebuildings from 1883 to 1890.

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  • NameBamboo Temple
  • AddressYu'an Mountain, Kunming
  • HoursDaily: 8am-7pm
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Bamboo Temple • Yu'an Mountain

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Still worth a visit, especially for the arhat statues. The 11am vegetarian lunch is basic, but still only 10RMB. Free entry.


It'd been awhile since I made it up that hill, but the climb to the top is worth it. Bamboo temple is still a great place to go for history, meeting random people and of course all of those absolutely amazing statues inside the main shrine.


The road up from Kunming has had some problems, but you can still drive there from Tuanjie Shan. Bikes and motorcylces can go both ways. I like the temple for the decent 10rmb lunch and the amazing arhat statues. But what is best are the free classes after lunch (2pm-4pm) where the monks teach special bits of history and details about Buddhism.


Kunming's most beautiful and interesting temple; I could spend hours here just enjoying the atmosphere and the tranquility. The vegetarian restaurant is good, but not outstanding. The arhat room is likely the most compulsory sight in all of Kunming.


A pleasant temple with amazing arhats, ancient stupas and a good vegetarian restaurant.

This is also a good place to get in shape for biking the hills surrounding Kunming... if you can make it up to Bamboo Temple, you're definitely ready for what lies beyond.