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Forums > Living in Kunming > Foreigner Police Registration


I wouldn't do that... they can see every hotel you have stayed at which comes on screen when registering, and if he hasn't stayed in hotels no records will be found, which is kind of suspicious if he had been travelling for 2 months.

Your problem is that you moved house? I don't think that's an issue as they wouldn't know you moved anyway? Just tell the truth if they ask for it, I doubt they care that much though.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Bus to Laos

The bus from Kunming to Vientiane costs 436 yuan. I've done the bus a few times. It's really really horrible but it's cheap. It's something around 35 hours and it's non stop. The beds are uncomfortable and small. You can buy the tickets at the station or from a travel agent somewhere. If you go with a friend it's slightly better, don't go for the back seats because they will pick people up and you'll end up sleeping side to side with some snoring farmers.

Forums > Study > Did anyone try at YNNU?

All of your classmates will be thai/vietnamese and their English would be terrible. Just don't speak it with them. None of your classmates are there to learn English either. I started this way and my Chinese is very good for how long I've been studying.
Plus, the chances of making a Chinese friend that is willing to talk such basic Chinese with you is very very slim, they'd rather speak English. You'll be better off talking to someone learning the language as well!

Forums > Study > Did anyone try at YNNU?

I would go for the small classes. It's more social and you make friends instantly with the same Chinese level as you. It's also a lot cheaper.

IF you do stay in a homestay, make SURE they don't speak Kunminghua. It will not help your Chinese in the slightest. If you can, find a homestay with people originally from a different city, or when the husband/wife are from different places. I made that mistake when I came here.

I do know some people doing one on one, and it's good. But I'd advise going for the small classes.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Do the Chinese of Kunming stare a lot at Laowai?

I understand your point Aaron, but you are in fact being a wettie (it means like a bit of a pussy). It doesn't matter where you live, if you stick out like a sore thumb you'll get looked at. And when you said your neighbours stare at you, have you ever considered it is because you are their neighbours and have never attempted to make conversation with them. They probably think you're weird.

I live in the sticks in England and if you see an Asian person you might think it's interesting and perhaps strike up a conversation with them because they are different. Not because you hate them.

On the other hand, yes, there are racists. Everywhere. But you can't go moping around depressed and angry when you encounter one the rest of your life. Be optimistic! The way people notice foreigners in China, for the majority, is in a good light, they think it's exciting.

You can't expect a culture of reclusiveness for hundreds of years to suddenly find it normal to see someone from the other side of the world walking around their front porch.


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I've been reading these and you're a really good writer. I'm in Laos right now and thinking of hitch hiking back up to Kunming, how possible is this?

I am unbelievably pleased that it's turning more international as a whole. It's a good improvement to Kunming's infrastructure and a step forward! I should be flying out of it in 2 weeks time, so looking forward to that!


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