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Forums > Living in Kunming > Getting a motorbike license

I own a motorbike registered to an address within the second ring road, no problem.

I do have to sneak in and out, but cameras are not the issue, cops that can stop you at the intersections are.

AFAIK, Motorbikes starting with A0 are allowed within the second ring road but are hard/impossible to get.

Xuefu Lu is inside the second ring road.


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"No one has figured out where the drunken elephant photos came from, but a Chinese news report debunked the viral posts: While elephants did recently come through a village in Yunnan Province, China, their presence isn't out of the norm, they aren't the elephants in the viral photos, and they didn't get drunk and pass out in a tea field."[...]

"The summer adult has a chocolate-brown head (not black, although does look black from a distance), pale grey body, black tips to the primary wing feathers, and red bill and legs. The hood is lost in winter, leaving just two dark spots. Immature birds have a mottled pattern of brown spots over most of the body.
This species takes two years to reach maturity. First-year birds have a black terminal tail band, more dark areas in the wings, and, in summer, a less fully developed dark hood."


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