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Getting a motorbike license

bolang (8 posts) • 0

Hi everyone

I got my chinese driving license (for cars) last year, and I would now like to have the motorbike driving license.

Has any of you been in that situation?
Does already having the car license make things easier (like no theory test to past, only practical test) ?

hongxiongmao (50 posts) • 0

You will definitely need the practice (road) test just like the locals do - unsure if the car's theory test you

passed could count towards this as that and applying for motorcycle driver's license will occur as two separate events.

It'd be best to grab a local friend and explain the situation to the office that issued you your driver's license here and see if there is a workaround.

A heads-up: riding motorcycle in Kunming and in extension in Yunnan is super convenient and fun but know that there are restrictions as to where and how you can ride.

pmort (19 posts) • +1

I did this a few years ago, having a car driving license does not help. You have to do a written exam specific to motorbikes, it is shorter than the exam for cars, and then you do a practical exam after the written test. the practical was super easy and straight forward when I did it. took a few minutes using the bikes they provide to you. You drive around a short course, go over a few bumps, do a hill start, a u-turn and drive along a narrow stretch for about 20m.

lemon lover (984 posts) • 0

Be aware that there are several different motorbike licences. They differentiate between two wheel and three wheel motorbikes. This means that if you intend to drive with a side car you need the three wheel motorbike licence. Be aware as well that you cannot drive a motorbike inside the second ring road.
As pmort mentioned: The test are done at the test centre where there is a special track and you can take some practise time there on the test motorbikes that are actually extremely worn out mopeds.

You can use your own bike but you cannot legally drive it to there ;-)
The test is not complicated and does not even include a road test (At least not when I did it).

bolang (8 posts) • 0

Concerning that second ring road limit, so you guys have a parking beyond that? Or do you just sneak in and hope for the best?

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