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Getting a motorbike license

tigertigerathome (84 posts) • 0

Some of us live outside the second ring road. I would not recommend trying to sneak in. The times of day when traffic cops and traffic wardens are not on major road junctions would severely limit your time windows for using the bike, to the point of not being worth while owning it. It is also highly likely that a neighbor or your building management would report you.
If you do pass your motorbike test, I believe you would be permitted to register and own one of the bigger and more powerful types of ebike.

lemon lover (860 posts) • 0

You can't sneak in and out with all the camera's that are monitoring things. But I reside outside the second ring road. You cannot even register a motorcycle when your address is within the second ring road. Anyway I sold mine, driving around Kunming was becoming too dangerous. Motorbikes are the lowest in the picking order, mainly driven by farmers and the attitude against them here in KM is not nice (Unless you have a big show-off bike).

cloudtrapezer (756 posts) • 0

I thought they'd relaxed the second ring road rule. Anyway there's a chap in my xiaoqu who has a Harley. Is Xuefu Lu outside the second ring?

Giggi (19 posts) • +1

I own a motorbike registered to an address within the second ring road, no problem.

I do have to sneak in and out, but cameras are not the issue, cops that can stop you at the intersections are.

AFAIK, Motorbikes starting with A0 are allowed within the second ring road but are hard/impossible to get.

Xuefu Lu is inside the second ring road.

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