One of Wenlin Jie's oldest restaurants, offering Italian and Chinese food with free delivery

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  • NameTeresa's Pizza
  • Address40-2 Wenlin Jie, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65376725
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Teresa's Pizza • 40-2 Wenlin Jie

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Teresa's pizza has some good toppings, but these do not a pizza make, there are. They are not very tasty, the taste is limited to toppings+cheese+tomato sauce, and seem to lack some of the classic Italian spices that should be on pizza. I would rather eat pizza @ Wei's, Pisa, Rocco's any day. Their pizzas aren't great but Teresa's is even more lackluster.


Anyone who's eaten pizza here knows that, relatively speaking, it's the best pizza in town. Delivery is prompt, eating there gets you nice buttered french bread with your order while you wait. I have found the staff eager to understand and helpful.

Note to Bernie: You mess up the whole review system when you give a place 0 because you like one of their competitors better.


I've never eaten at Teresa's, but I have had the pizza delivered and it was definitely better than I expected.

The plain cheese or one with different meats were my favorites.

I try to steer clear of the strange Chinese pizza toppings like seafood, corn, etc....


We love this place and go there often. The pizzas are tasty and reasonably priced and my son loves to play the soccer game in the front. The staff here are also very pleasant.