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Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming City Planning

OK, I'm really curious and maybe there is someone here who has a better grasp of it. Is there any kind of legitimate planning that goes on in the development of this city? It seems like it is just "let's tear up the whole thing at once". Has anyone lived in other cities in China or elsewhere and seen anything like this before?

I usually don't post questions like this. I've lived here long enough to not be shocked by too much but this latest round of "beautifying" has me genuinely confused as to who is steering this ship.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Coloradans and guns

There are so many things I'd like to say but don't have the time to formulate them all, but there's one thing that sticks out in my mind after reading the posts so far that I see is the biggest problem for America.

There is no civilized form of debate anymore in America and this will destroy the country.

Everyone is a 'nut' or a 'crazy' to someone on the other side and we just choose our side and then find people who agree with us to build up the ego we have because we are on the "right side".

There are people who try to make clear arguments with numbers, science, facts and reason but they are completely lost and diluted in all the 'fool', 'crazy', and 'nut' name calling and even those people more than not are diluted to the same kinds of tactics out of sheer frustration. It's fun to watch and I'll be the first to say I've done my share of it but in the end I just feel sad about the whole thing.

I think this is just all a result of selfishness where it becomes more important to feel good about what you believe rather than actually process and believe it.

Forums > Food & Drink > A good hamburger?

I've ridden my motorcycle a few times an hour out of Kunming to Spring City Golf Course (on Yangzong Lake) just to visit the club house and have their hamburger. It is honestly one of the best I've had in China. 58 kuai gets you a huge burger with a generous amount of fresh bacon, a good 1/3 lb. of imported beef, lots of cheese, all the fixins and some thick cut fries... after typing that I am jonesing for one...

Not to mention you can sit on the balcony and enjoy the view of the golf course and lake, well worth the trip on a nice day.


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I was there for the soft opening and completely agree with Colin that it's one of the best pours of Guinness I've had in Asia.

Went again last night for a friends' birthday and tried the fish and chips. 50RMB for the fish and chips and a pint of Carlsberg is absolutely one of the best deals in town.

The fish and chips were a bit lean on the fish and heavy on the batter but the flavor was completely there. The tartar sauce was perfect.

We were a large group so the fish and chips came a bit slow but I'm sure they'll figure that out soon.

Someone at our table ordered the burger which looked amazing with thick bacon and a healthy amount of cheese. I'll definitely be going back soon for that!

Tim is obviously passionate about the place which shows in the overall quality and atmosphere of O'Reilly's.

Lastly, we were treated to some local raspberry framboise liqueur and some birthday gin and tonics making a perfect evening even better.



Sam_KM, I haven't met you yet but you are quickly becoming my new hero. A place to get Trappist beer in Kunming, you've got to be kidding me? Incredible!


For those beer lovers who haven't had an authentic Trappist, I suggest you start with a Trappistes Rochefort 6 (quite a bargain at 33 kuai). These are some of the highest rated beers in the world and I am still in shock that I can get one (in an authentic trappist glass) in Kunming :)


Anyone who's eaten pizza here knows that, relatively speaking, it's the best pizza in town. Delivery is prompt, eating there gets you nice buttered french bread with your order while you wait. I have found the staff eager to understand and helpful.

Note to Bernie: You mess up the whole review system when you give a place 0 because you like one of their competitors better.


One of the hidden gems in Kunming because it off the beaten path of the culture alley and Wenlin Jie, away from the hustle and bustle of the university area. It's a newly renovated art gallery and cafe. I have eaten here many times and I have never been disappointed. The art is modern and often rotated, the atmosphere is very chic modern and the Swedish meatballs rock. 4 for the food. 5 1/2 for atmosphere. Check the calendar, they have some of the best live music in Kunming too.