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oyarsa (17 posts) • 0

OK, I'm really curious and maybe there is someone here who has a better grasp of it. Is there any kind of legitimate planning that goes on in the development of this city? It seems like it is just "let's tear up the whole thing at once". Has anyone lived in other cities in China or elsewhere and seen anything like this before?

I usually don't post questions like this. I've lived here long enough to not be shocked by too much but this latest round of "beautifying" has me genuinely confused as to who is steering this ship.

tigertiger - moderator (5096 posts) • 0

I gather that there are plans (plural), but they are not coordinated. Different departments have different tasks, trying to get them to coordinate with each other may prove to be a bigger problem than the impacts on the city of the clashing engineering works.

Tonyaod (824 posts) • 0

You are seeing 5000 years of Chinese culture at its finest. Every administration wants to make it's mark as so to impress the Emperor in the hope that he'll take notice and elevate him to the next higher post. Emphasis is on appearances. Things only have to look nice during the Emperor's visit. If he likes, he's elevated, if he doesn't no harm done. The local officials never hold a post long enough to see the consequences of his actions. If a problem arises on your watch then you blame it on the previous administration and pat yourself on the back for "solving" the problem.

You see this legacy all round KM. The bus stops in the middle of the road, Chenggong governmental center and University city, no left turns, no right turns, the second-ring road, long-distance bus stations way out in the edge of the city, and now the beautification project. Each one a left over from the previous administration.

Sometimes these government officials are shuffled around on purpose just so that no one can be accountable, there is always an out. Much like the Vatican and the priests.


YuantongsiYuantongsi (717 posts) • 0

There are lots of wastful projects going on in China, but this "beautification project" has to one of the worst,, you really get the impression that money is being spent just to keep the "Min Gong" happy.

I guess that this type of project will continue,,the airport project is basically over,,lots of workers are now without work,, I suppose the Kunming government will be hoping that these unemployed workers will leave Kunming before they start protesting on the streets

dr. chibbles (36 posts) • 0

I lived in Shanghai from 2001-2003 and construction there was a nightmare. Perhaps it was better executed than Kunming right now, but they probably had more money as well. Traffic was completely disrupted, just like here. One thing Shanghai had going for it was that all development was required to have at least 40% (I think) green space. Kunming needs more parks.

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0

Kunming really needs more parking spaces and have a law that no cars can park on the pedestrian sidewalk.

AlPage48 (1352 posts) • 0

Drivers already ignore the existing parking laws (where they exist) and enforcement is almost non-existent. It amazes me that someone who will spend 500,000 or more on a fancy car will not spend 5 to park it in a lot!

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

Actually, I thought the beautify project was pretty good in that it fixed all those crappy sidewalk blocks with larger sturdier concrete-ish blocks - hopefully meaning less dirty water splashing on me when either I or a passerby steps on a loose brick-ish tile. as about 90% of the population either ride e-bikes, bicycles, or walk - this was a great improvement for we the "little people".

On the negative - they didn't widen the key artery roads, so traditional bottlenecks will continue - but at least the sidewalks look nicer (until the sidewalk vendors and restaurants scum it up again with their oil and other effluents). The newly repaved roads also look pretty good.

On the other side - KM doesn't have developed traffic management systems, but they've got cameras all over the place.

What has always worried me about KM was the rate of high density hi-rises going in - but I haven't seen upgrades to the sewer systems, water systems, or electrical/power systems, or gas line systems.

I haven't seen or heard of updates to Dianchi's water treatment facilities - so I'm guessing toilets will continue spew sewer water the wrong way during heavy rains and blockages and Dianchi's water quality will begin to worsen again from the untreated or improperly treated sewage pouring into the lake daily (although that may lead to poop islands, which may spawn some unusual wetlands).

Not bad - could be better. If you want better - suggest someone take up the gauntlet to bring city planning symposiums to KM along with finance so these guys can implement city works a la more developed and ecologically friendly nations.

As for street parking - it's a new untapped source of revenue for the city - gokm recently notes the city's putting in 800 parking meters - obviously part of a larger pilot, so I'm guessing they're testing the tech. I've also noticed the police are more prolific in giving out parking tickets - significantly more than the previous years, so perhaps a wind of change is slowly blowing? THey've licensed most of the e-bikes and I noticed the street cops are looking more carefully at motorcycles and e-bikes for licenses.

Most major intersections in the inner city are using bamboo poles as makeshift gates to block bike lanes at traffic light controlled intersections...anyone noticed that - that's always been a source of major irritation for me as a pedestrian - wading through the sea of e-bikes blocking the pedestrian crossing, so yay and kudos for that (bit wonky on the deployment - but hey...it's green).

tigertiger - moderator (5096 posts) • 0

Kunming does have many plans. They just lack coordination.

There are plans for linking the economy with other SE Asian countries, developing export trade, building an international road link between Yunnan and Singapore, making Yunnan an import hub for SW China, a new high speed rail link, new railway station, satellite cities, a new hospital in AnNing (now part of Kunming), developing Chenggong, new airport (now operational), new CBD to the south of the city (under construction), new road bridge connecting Guangfu Lu with the west, new shopping malls, and these are just the few that I know of.

Some of these plans are from Bejing, others from Kunming, none of them coordinated. In Shanghai they are more coordinated, but they have had an extra 15 years of practice. Kunming will get there, one day.

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