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My kids attend KIA. It is the only real international school in Kunming with real AP classes and real AP teachers. My husband and I looked around for a few months before finally making the decision on placing our children in KIA and we have no regrets.

The other school, if you can even begin to call it that, sits on the golf course in the middle of a swap and it is an over-priced scam. My husband was leaning toward the AIAKM because it sits on a resort but after two or three trips there and back there is no comparison to KIA. They actually built their student housing center under a damn.

If you need to live in China for business you need to protect your kids and fake international schools are on every corner. All we saw at the AIAKM were losers, high pressure sales tactics, and a lot of people that were obviously staged to role play during their open house. My husband is from HK and he asked a few of their so-called teachers questions about the school and no one could answer him. Their library has no books and when we asked about that we were told that the school was new but actually it has been struggling away there with a handful of students for about one-year. Most or all of their brochures have photos of offices or structures that don't even exist there. We asked about the swimming pool and life guards and we were told that both the pool and the golf course don't belong to the school by a few cleaners and some sloppy rent-a-cops. Oddly enough the women in the marketing department told us that all students could use the pool and the golf course.

During at least one speech that was given by some man that jerks and blinks alot as if he is on drugs, the man promised everyone that their children could reach iELTS level 6.0. I asked two taller European looking males what iELTS was, and then asked them to explain iELTS to me and they could not. The same was true for SAT and TOEFL. Toward the middle of the year my husband's company took us all to the golf driving range which is next to the school and we saw an intense scene of protesting from local village people for unpaid wages. In fact there was a bit of a fist a cuff situation as the protest mob blocked our company van.

Try the KIA and save yourself a lot of headaches and problems.


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We just ate there recently and the food was wonderful. I was really surprised.