One of Wenlin Jie's oldest restaurants, offering Italian and Chinese food with free delivery

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  • NameTeresa's Pizza
  • Address40-2 Wenlin Jie, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65376725
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Teresa's Pizza • 40-2 Wenlin Jie

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The restaurant in itself is nice and cozy and the prices very decent compared to most of Wenlin; too bad the food is mediocre to say the least. The pizza is too small and quite tasteless, the pasta dishes are too small and feel like something that comes in a can, even the lasagna is better elsewhere.


throught the service was good and the atmisphere good.
Food was ok for the pricve, but what lost it stars was, my dish arrived maybe 15- 20 minutes before my dinner guest. I had finished before hers arrived.

A chef that cannot manage his cooking times so that the dishes arrive together needs retraining.


Horrible tasteless, thick-crusted "cardboard" like pizzas that are a far cry from what they should be like. Way overpriced too. Wine may be good, but why bother when the nearby Prague Cafe makes much better pizza at a more reasonable price?


I am new to Kunming, and went to Teresa's for the first time tonight. The atmosphere is very pleasant. The waitstaff was very nice, and the food was very good. Also, the Chinese wine we ordered was not bad at all. This is a very good restaurant, and I plan to go again!