One of Wenlin Jie's oldest restaurants, offering Italian and Chinese food with free delivery

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  • NameTeresa's Pizza
  • Address40-2 Wenlin Jie, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65376725
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Teresa's Pizza • 40-2 Wenlin Jie

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Love Teresa's Pizza

moderate in price

and Have 12%discounts Card^-^


The pizza is o.k. but my problem is with the price, the manager now sees fit to hike the prices up every two months or so. I used to get take away but when the price of a pizza and a bottle of coke is pushing 50 kuai, it's a bit of a rip off. I no longer eat their pizza


I've been in Yunnan now for almost 11 years. There was a time when Teresa's was the only option for a decent pizza . Even though there are scores of other options in Kunming these days, very few can hold a light to Teresa's. Their pepperoni pizza and garlic bread are great. They are probably due for an upgrade in the restaurant itself, but I wouldn't change a thing about their pizza.


In deference to the attack by 'oyarsa' in November, 2007 regarding my deliberate zero rating, I have decided to amend it (and the review). That anyone could award a '5' to any place on Wen Lin Jie suggests partnership or ignorance of good food.

3rd October, 2007
Comment: Why go here when there's Pisa Pizza just a few doors to the east. Poor quality of food and very disinterested management and staff says it all.


I agree that the pizzas are somewhat tasteless with no spices and hardly any sauce. The cheese, toppings, and bread were Ok though.