One of Wenlin Jie's oldest restaurants, offering Italian and Chinese food with free delivery

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  • NameTeresa's Pizza
  • Address40-2 Wenlin Jie, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65376725
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Teresa's Pizza • 40-2 Wenlin Jie

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Average pizza with a average price. Meat pizza is a better choice than a seafood pizza.


One of the better pizza places in Kunming, but be warned that the pizzas are on the small side for what you pay. The normal crust is comparable to Pizza Hut (USA)'s hand-tossed crust.

Still, cozy atmosphere and the garlic toast were welcome surprises.


As far as I remember this used to be a good place for pizza, but shidai bian le. Service is slow, pizza is ok-average, but nothing great, nor is the music, deco. Their tortellini are ridiculously expensive, and the portion so small, that they agreed not to charge for it. The fresh orange juice is the only deal I can recommend. 10 Yuan.


The prices look reasonable when you're looking at them on the menu, but when the food arrives you'll see the portions are small, and the taste is pretty horrid. The one positive thing I can say about them (other than mentioning the misleading fragrant aromas wafting from the kitchen) is that they fully waived the fee for their much-touted "tortellinis with salad" which turned out to be about six jiaozis covered in a mayonnaise-like sauce, accompanied by a few shreds of lettuce.