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After a year or preparation, À table Bakery & Cafe is now baking! Housed in a beautiful wood building from 1930s, we continue to offer authentic French bread, pastries and meals without additives and preservatives. Minutes away from Green Lake, you will enjoy a relaxing brunch while learning the history of this historic building.

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À Table Bakery & Cafe • 23 Beimen Jie

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A welcome addition to the Western choices in Kunming! Good bread, world-class pastry art, a small but solid food menu. Would suggest a little more flavor in the tomato pasta, and eggs benedict would be even better if on an English muffin instead of bread.


best bread in Kunming locked down, well played. excellent croissants + eggs benedict today at reasonable price. nice old wood and light decor for nice ambience. will be returning.


Excellent service. The menu is limited but that's the point. My croissant was flaky, buttery and wonderful, while the Eggs Benedict couldn't have been better. Nice passion fruit juice to compliment everything. Well done.