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Bonjour à tous,

hello everybody,

this post is related to french gastronomy.

I'm looking for a french bakery who celebrate and make "la galette des rois" this month :) any idea?

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Hi everyone, any special event for the "make music day/ world music day"? (in french: fête de la musique)
It's supposed to be tonight june 21st

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Thank you for your warm welcome (I'm not sarcastic, and not sarcastic writing I'm not sarcastic) behind your message I see you are a nice person


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I went for pizza and wine yesterday. The service was good, on time, nice management. pizzas (4 cheeses & vegeterian) were tasty, handmade and fresh ingredients. the Chianti is on point, perfectly matched our experience.
authentic italian food 10000km far from italy for a decent price is respectable.