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Thank you, I'm looking at your blog you have very cool things on it especially the tibetan plateau and sichuan trip it looks amazing; I think we will go through your suggestion, thanks a lot Sir.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > cycling yunnan in a week

Hi, We are planning to go for a bicycle trip from Shangrila to Kunming on June 12th for a week /10days.
Is the itinerary suitable for a safe and pleasant ride?
Does it exist a special map for bicycle leisure on this road?
Thanks a lot, Gil


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I went for pizza and wine yesterday. The service was good, on time, nice management. pizzas (4 cheeses & vegeterian) were tasty, handmade and fresh ingredients. the Chianti is on point, perfectly matched our experience.
authentic italian food 10000km far from italy for a decent price is respectable.