Our café is open 11:30am-9pm, seven days a week.

We serve an assortment of dishes inspired by the places we've lived and traveled. Our specialty is tacos and burgers, but you'll find a wide variety of Western-style dishes on our menu, many influenced by the tastes and culinary traditions of China, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean. We also mix up some of the best cocktails in town, as well as serve a nice collection of imported red and white wines.

We are located in a quiet neighborhood, just steps away from Green Lake Park. Come visit us and enjoy our unique, comfortable, and quiet little place.

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  • NameLost Garden Café
  • Address7 Yiqiutian, Huanggong Dong Jie, Kunming
  • MOBILE18287128449
  • Phone(0871) 65111127
  • Hours11:30am-9pm
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Lost Garden Café • 7 Yiqiutian, Huanggong Dong Jie

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Tasty food, refreshing drinks, cool ambiance, convenient location. Patrick, Sara and the rest of the staff were excellent hosts for the Xishan Hash this weekend. Much appreciated!


Great staff and food,

Really pleasant and inviting place to enjoy some sun on the roof, meet friends and fill up with amazing food.

The blue cheese burger is crazy good.

I was there last week and it rained, when I went out the staff had put a plastic cover on my bike to keep me from getting wet on the way home. Thats just a little detail that tells a lot about these guys!


Great food, great drinks and great service! Lost Garden is on a quiet, almost Dali-esque little street just off Green lake which means it's also free from the sound of car horns and bike alarms! The rooftop is lovely and the best place in the city to enjoy a few mimosas in the sunshine.


Their pulled pork sandwich is very delicious! Today my roommate and I tried the first two served, and I was very impressed! As an American, I grew up eating this kind of sandwich and Lost Garden has nailed it! Tender, slow cooked pork, with a delicious Kansas City barbecue sauce. Reminds me of home. Everyone needs to come down and try this excellent sandwich. I'll definitely be ordering it again the next time I come