Our café is open 11:30am-9pm, seven days a week.

We serve an assortment of dishes inspired by the places we've lived and traveled. Our specialty is tacos and burgers, but you'll find a wide variety of Western-style dishes on our menu, many influenced by the tastes and culinary traditions of China, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean. We also mix up some of the best cocktails in town, as well as serve a nice collection of imported red and white wines.

We are located in a quiet neighborhood, just steps away from Green Lake Park. Come visit us and enjoy our unique, comfortable, and quiet little place.

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  • NameLost Garden Café
  • Address7 Yiqiutian, Huanggong Dong Jie, Kunming
  • MOBILE18287128449
  • Phone(0871) 65111127
  • Hours11:30am-9pm
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Lost Garden Café • 7 Yiqiutian, Huanggong Dong Jie

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Has become a staple for brunch on Sunday. The Mexican skillet is amazing, order it every time. Not only is it a great place to eat, but the terrace on the roof also makes it perfect for a couple of hours of relaxation. Would recommend this to anyone, especially the skillets, blueberry pancakes, and coffee!


Lost Garden's kitchen has became a Saratrical masterpiece! Great tea just the way it should be made, combined with tangy and titilating specialties from the south of the US, South of the border, and beyond! Rooftop is Kunmings top place to catch some rays and chill out with a book or some buddies and booze. Look forward to menu expansion and much love to the mastermind chef in the Kitchen!


Lost Garden has recently been renovated and now features a cafè/restaurant and new management. Great cozy atmosphere, just around the corner from Green Lake, lovely terrace on the third floor with lots of sun in the afternoon and the best brunch in town. We tried the breakfast skillets - very generous portions and the food is prepared using fresh local ingredients. Coffee was great and the drinks menu includes mimosas and bloody mary. Not to be missed!


We spent a wonderful time in the lost garden guesthouse. The guesthouse is very clean, the atmosphere is nice and quiet. They have a beautiful terrace to relax. The coffee they serve is very good and the staff speaks english and is very helpful. It's a little bit hidden but very close to all the central places.


VERY hard to find, someone that lived around there asked if we were looking for the lost garden and showed us where it was, or i wouldn't of been able to find it. Other than its a great place to relax and eat. The waitresses were attentive, and other than the wine pricing its pretty well priced. The pizza's are good, other than not enough sauce. But overall a good place.