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Hi. It appears the website no longer sends forgotten password reminder to email accounts. Also when I tried to make an account with a new email address the confirmation didn't send. It's not in junk either. (Posted for a friend)

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Hi, does anyone know if travel to Haba mountain 哈巴雪山 is possible now or in the next two weeks. Is there any official announcement of this? If it's not possible I wouldn't go to Lijiang. I also don't have the health certificate but have been in Kunming for over a year without leaving.


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Credit to Joe P for teaching me the ways of the GIMP. Les Yeux Sans Visage is all him and he also cropped the The Skin for me, although the idea was mine. I'm now addicted to GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) and for those who are in quarantine, off work, bored, or simply just want to troll your friends, i highly recommend downloading this program. To those still in The Shining hotel... hang in there... in the chair



Great food, great drinks and great service! Lost Garden is on a quiet, almost Dali-esque little street just off Green lake which means it's also free from the sound of car horns and bike alarms! The rooftop is lovely and the best place in the city to enjoy a few mimosas in the sunshine.