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Haba Mountain

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Hi, does anyone know if travel to Haba mountain 哈巴雪山 is possible now or in the next two weeks. Is there any official announcement of this? If it's not possible I wouldn't go to Lijiang. I also don't have the health certificate but have been in Kunming for over a year without leaving.

kc430kc430 (78 posts) • +1

Don't know about travel, but my wife contacted Haba Snow Mountain Inn, a popular hostel in Haba Village, on April 23. They were not permitted to accommodate foreigners as of that date. She asked them to notify when they open to foreigners. Will report any news that I hear.

kc430kc430 (78 posts) • +1

A family member who speaks Chinese did a limited phone survey of lodging in Lijiang area on June 1.

Haba Snow Mt Inn is not yet receiving foreigners. The owner reports that village residents are fearful of foreigners who might carry in virus with them. Even if a guest house was willing to accept them, there could be pushback from the residents. Reportedly, foreigners may arrive in the village, just not spend the night there. The owner reported they can stay at Base Camp on the mountain.

Other locations surveyed:

Halfway Guest House in Tiger Leaping Gorge--open to foreigners

International Youth Hostel Lijiang--open

大港旺宝酒店(Da Gang Wang Bao Hotel) in Lijiang, 5-star--open

柳智别院 (The Hideaway) in Lijiang)--open

The following were open at some point in May, but are now closed to foreigners as of June 1:

Mama Naxi Guest House in Lijiang-closed to foreigners

琦萍酒店(Qi Ping Hotel) in Lijiang--closed

Better call in advance for status update before going.

kc430kc430 (78 posts) • +1

Oh, and the guy at Halfway House said foreigners can hike the High Path through the gorge

kc430kc430 (78 posts) • +1

GoKunming just put this up in one of their summary articles:

Tuesday June 2 update: Tiger Leaping Gorge is open to international tourists. Please call 13988707922 in advance.

Haali (1176 posts) • 0

don't understand why some places have re-closed to foreigners, no foreigners have been allowed in for months...

joming (23 posts) • 0

A notice for travelers to Lijiang. The 1 hour 20 min high speed rail train schedules from Dali to Lijiang (vice versa) haven't been in service. That was the case last month. For now, they still seem to be suspended. The 2.5-hour normal K trains are currently available for purchase on Qunar.

High speed rail trains from Kunming to Dali (and back) are in service.

GoK's travel information page does not mention this:


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