We serve Authentic Indian Food, we want to promote Indian Culture through food, all the ingredients are imported from India

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  • NameSaramati Indian Restaurant
  • AddressA-403 Jianianhua Commercial Center, 288 Linyu Lu, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 68391791
  • Hours10:30am-9pm
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Saramati Indian Restaurant • A-403 Jianianhua Commercial Center, 288 Linyu Lu

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Wang, I live on Jianshe Lu. Any chance of delivery there? If not, perhaps you can do just weekend delivery to center? Seems like many are interested in having your delivery outside the north :)


Best place for Indian food.Man, I really enjoyed the food there. Thank you Aku. All the best to everyone who enjoys Indian food or any other tasty food. Go there and you will find one of the best foods in Kunming. Wow!


Like everyone else says, best Indian food in Kunming. They have lunch plates and dinner plates. Show up before 1pm for lunch.

They are on the 4th floor of the half empty shopping mall. Best way is too take the elevator past the KFC around the corner from Starbucks.

Most individual dishes can feed only two hungry guys, so order more if you are starving. Naan order can take care of one only.


Got a little bit suspicious when I got ketchup to my samosas but the food was very good. The best indian food i found in kunming so far.


Well, after waiting for months, I'm finally here at Saramati Restaurant.. just ate Chicken Thali .. was worth the wait :-) .. Congrats to proud of him, Jia You !! :-)