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Forums > Living in Kunming > Best iPhone 4 service provider in Kunming?

With China Mobile you have a much better signal but no 3G only the regular GPRS that was used in the 90's. China Unicom have 3G but the signal is sometimes really crappy. I have China Unicom and the 3G works as good as you can expect for a chinese 3G.


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Got a little bit suspicious when I got ketchup to my samosas but the food was very good. The best indian food i found in kunming so far.


We got one main dish before the starters so when the starters came the main dish was cold. Altough after poring salt on the chicken tikka masala it was not that bad.


The price is quite high but the pizza is Ok for being in China. I havn't yet found a better pizza in Kunming.


Very good breakfast. I've been here two times for their Prague breakfast. The first time it was a little bit slow and the bread came very very late. The other time they were fast and the bread came at the same time as the food. Both times the food was very good!


Good coffee. A little bit expensive but the staff is nice and they all speak english. The internet in this place is in my opinion the fastest in town.