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Best iPhone 4 service provider in Kunming?

blueskies (2 posts) • 0

I have an unlocked iPhone 4 and want to set it up for use in Kunming. The other forum threads about this seem to be outdated.

I'll be using my phone here for at least the next 6 months, possibly longer. I want some 3G for checking email, GPS etc. but it doesn't need to be lightning fast. I'm looking for the most affordable option.

Is it better to get a prepaid SIM or sign a contract?

Is there one service provider that's better than the other? China Unicom? China Mobile?

AlPage48 (1195 posts) • 0

According to my daughter (who uses iPhone) the three service providers each have one thing they are better at than the competition. That would be:

China Telecom = Internet (questionable on the good)
China Mobile = Cellular phone
China Unicom = 3G

FantasticMrE (2 posts) • 0

With China Mobile you have a much better signal but no 3G only the regular GPRS that was used in the 90's. China Unicom have 3G but the signal is sometimes really crappy. I have China Unicom and the 3G works as good as you can expect for a chinese 3G.

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