We serve Authentic Indian Food, we want to promote Indian Culture through food, all the ingredients are imported from India

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  • NameSaramati Indian Restaurant
  • AddressA-403 Jianianhua Commercial Center, 288 Linyu Lu, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 68391791
  • Hours10:30am-9pm
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Saramati Indian Restaurant • A-403 Jianianhua Commercial Center, 288 Linyu Lu

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Really friendly people, very tasty proper Indian food, all made with fresh ingredients and very reasonably priced.

For sure the best Indian food in town!


I went there for lunch on Tuesday.

Closed, arghh!

Was this a one off or are you closed every Tuesday?

We went to the Korean place next door and I had diarrhoea.


Very nice REAL Indian food. Oh yeah.. and serving beef in an Indian restaurant is totally normal... Someone needs to do his/her reserch ; )


The food was good, and nice indian features ! Not too expensive :)

Good choice for indian food in town !


India is not a Hindu state so to have "BEEF" on the menu is no big deal for most Indians.

SARAMATI serves the best authentic Indian food in Kunming. My special thanks and praises to the cooks,Diwan & Chhota. Keep up the good work brothers:-)