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Forums > Living in Kunming > Greetings from an Indian student. Electric Cars?

@yankee00 I mean 4 wheels.but 3 wheels will also do.

@HFCAMPO by elect TRIKES you mean?. but i Hope it will be legal. Keeping my hopes high.

@Xiefei But i dont know where to get the HYBRID scooter .I have searched in the XIchang lu and Jinbi Lu cross road.

Thank you all for your advice I didnt know they were illegal.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Greetings from an Indian student. Electric Cars?

HI EVERYONE. I am Rio, I would like to know some address on where to find or buy electric cars or make one myself( good workshop) . Any idea on which Chinese brand would be best to use for about 2 years. or Any idea if there is any hybrid bikes. or hybrid small 2 sitter cars ( not including the SMART hybrid car," its too expensive" ) I just lost my Ebike by XITE and I need an alternative. Thanking you all for your advice and suggestions.

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I heard of one in Normal university.May be ask the students there they might know @ Serrure

Forums > Living in Kunming > Richland International Hospital?

For me I had an endoscopy done there and it cost me a good 1000 rmb just for the endoscopy. plus they were about to charge some 100rmb for the video in a cd, but they gave it to me for free I don't know how they forgot to charge me for the cd. Plus registration cost me too and the card system also was i think about 40 something rmb. But all these were a year ago. A doctor told me that she has another clinic and was willing to give me an alternative treatment (physiotherapy) for my gastritis and liver problem which she said would be for a week, and to my surprise she said it would cost 10000 rmb.


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Best place for Indian food.Man, I really enjoyed the food there. Thank you Aku. All the best to everyone who enjoys Indian food or any other tasty food. Go there and you will find one of the best foods in Kunming. Wow!