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  • NameBakery 88
  • Address17 Renmin Lu, Dali
  • Phone(0872) 2679129
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Bakery 88 • 17 Renmin Lu


German-style bakery featuring homemade breads and jams and local organic products



not exactly sure how anyone could ever have anything bad to say about this place. i've been going there ever since they opened and they offer quality everything that anyone should feel lucky to have. food poisoning is a shame, but you can never be too sure where it came from. they have done a great job training their staff, and any decline is service quality would be unfortunate but would come as quite a shock as it's always been rather impressive.


We bought some cake that was sitting on the counter the other day and got diarrhea from it. My husband threw up the whole night.
The cake has been sitting on the counter for at least the afternoon, but the girl says it's ok, no problem, yeah right. It's extremely unhygienic to keep food in open air especially something that'll attract flies and god knows how many people sneezed coughed on it.
BTW the coffee is also horrible and the bread really expensive and not that great. The only thing 'German' about the place is the price.
Do not recommend, save your money and buy an oven and google how to make bread instead. At least you're guaranteed hygiene and freshness.


Hi Chingis,
so sorry, you didn't like our service. If this ever happens again, please ask for the manager in charge and I am sure we can sort out your complaint.
There are no references to any gods in our cafe. The chef is a pagan,

our girls are buddhists and muslims. Maybe, you may have seen and mistaken our support for the local AIDS group ?


Best bread in Yunnan and possibly China.


Great Professional Baking! Fresh Raspberries and Jams. Excellent breads and desserts.