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Forums > Living in Kunming > New Hospital Option in Kunmingland

There I had my gallbladder & stone removed, using minimal invasive technology. it took only 5 days to recover and i am very pleased with the outcome. The staff and the management are very efficient and friendly. There are some doctors speaking English but it's always advisable to have someone to help and who is in good command of the medial terms.

Forums > Study > Software for learning Chinese?

I quite like which is a free online dictionary site with clever training extensions, HSK tests. There are paid addons for your iPhone and Android things.
While nciku is for serious studies, more fun comes with the paid podcast site Their many 20 minutes takes are designed to memorize everyday's colloquial Chinese terms. It is good value for money, check out the prices and discount options.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Unknown Caller

Then go to your telecom outlet and pay a few Rmb to get the Caller-ID 来电显示 lai dian xian shi enabled :-)


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Hi Chingis,
so sorry, you didn't like our service. If this ever happens again, please ask for the manager in charge and I am sure we can sort out your complaint.
There are no references to any gods in our cafe. The chef is a pagan,

our girls are buddhists and muslims. Maybe, you may have seen and mistaken our support for the local AIDS group ?