The silver spoon café is an American & European style restaurant which is running by a Chinese owner who had 10 years professional culinary experience in Switzerland located in 10th Beichen Pedestrian Street, in Kunming. The Silver Spoon was the winner of Best International Restaurant” awarded by in 2007. We are pride of our “Best Cheeseburgers and homemade Cheese Cake” in the town, also top quality cakes and espresso coffee, as well as wines from international renowned regions.

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  • NameThe Silver Spoon Café
  • AddressB-10 Beichen Garden Walkway, Kunming
  • MOBILE15911693489
  • Phone(0871) 65738448
  • HoursTue-Sun: noon-midnight
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The Silver Spoon Café • B-10 Beichen Garden Walkway

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Hi everyone,

As one of the silver spoon cafe's owner, I'd like to tell our customers than we are leaving kunming for a few weeks, the cafe will still open and will keep the same standart.

We really enjoy this review system and hope for more commentary. You are aslo welcome to send us email at:

We are really working hard to give our customers the best service and one of the best western food in kunming, our special items (as roast pork with capers sauce ,beef bourguignon, duck a l'orange, smoked salmon mousse) will still available the next weeks.

Thanks to everyone.


Amazing! A place with food that has lots of flavor and great service. It may not be a full "restaurant" but for a little cafe (which is what they call themselves) it has a great, and authentic, selection on the menu. I would say their menu is very American Gourmet, not just "western" like everywhere else.

They are meticulous about cleanliness (no smoking!), fast service, being courteous, helpful and friendly. Who else covers all that. And if you have a complaint I have heard that when you email them they are quick to get back to you and make things right!!

I had an great Chicken Caesar Salad that was really tart and tangy, with real parmesan shavings too. The people we went with had a great Raspberry Lemonade, some chicken lettuce appetizer, mozzarella sticks and a HUGE hamburger. We also ordered some "sides" to go with our food so we were full. Kind of mix and match (not just fries as the only choice). It was all very "American" sized so even though it may be more money, you get what you paid for.

As for their real specialty- DESSERTS. Dont even waste your calories any where else! That place is pumping out some great stuff, and always changing them around. REAL cheesecake, cakes, cookies, KUNMINGS BEST TIRAMISU and loads of other stuff.

I may be writting a lot but i am just excited to find a place that has a standard and quality that is high. Cute and cozy too.

I am on their email list which gives you updates on their upcoming events (which i already signed up for the cooking class). If you want to join its And they do a punch card and a dessert happy hour (they had their before other people) every day 2-4.

I would call it a jewel in the north side!