The silver spoon café is an American & European style restaurant which is running by a Chinese owner who had 10 years professional culinary experience in Switzerland located in 10th Beichen Pedestrian Street, in Kunming. The Silver Spoon was the winner of Best International Restaurant” awarded by in 2007. We are pride of our “Best Cheeseburgers and homemade Cheese Cake” in the town, also top quality cakes and espresso coffee, as well as wines from international renowned regions.

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  • NameThe Silver Spoon Café
  • AddressB-10 Beichen Garden Walkway, Kunming
  • MOBILE15911693489
  • Phone(0871) 65738448
  • HoursTue-Sun: noon-midnight
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The Silver Spoon Café • B-10 Beichen Garden Walkway

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I did not go to the Silver Spoon for a very long time because the quality of food was pretty bad.
But with the new owner I wanted to give it another try. And I was impressed. The service was fast, nice and very polite. Without asking my dog got some water and even a treat.
The Ice Cream Shake was the best I had in years and the sandwich I had today for lunch was delicious!
Looking forward now to go back to try more things of their new menu.


Can't believe that nobody's made comment of late. The lasagna, was the best I've had in Kunming! New management and staff means change.
It's not the most expansive of venues, but the ambiance and choice of fare; not to mention the book exchange was refreshing.


On a sunny afternoon we decided to give The Silver Spoon another try, even though we were very disappointed the last time we went there.
Unfortunatelly nothing changed for the better.
The mozarella sticks we ordered were still frozen in the middle.
A chicken sandwich we ordered was done with very old chicken breast. looked like they prepared it a longer while ago and it was sitting somewhere and dried out. The outside was so dry, it was almost impossible to chew it.
But the burger was worse. We ordered a Bacon Blue Cheese Burger. It came without Blue Cheese and the burger was hard like a brick stone. Even with a knife and fork it was impossible to cut it.

That was not fresh meat (also they write on the menu the meat comes from New Zealand, but it is chinese meat), the burger was fried, frozen and refried.

I complained and they offered to do a fresh burger for me, but I got the same brick stone burger again.

I remember The Silver Spoon doing the best burgers in town, but those times are long gone.....


Wow, what the heck is going on with this cafe??

Where has the management and quality of this once fantastic place in Beichen disappeared to??

Like seriously, I know that the owners said they were going away for a few weeks - it's now been three months - but this place has really gone downhill and that's REALLY sad!

Here's been my experience recently:
1) mixed up orders and given the wrong meals.
2) ordering a simple milkshake and being told I can't get one because they don't have the ingredients and don't know when they'll replenish.......tried to order something else, same answer!
3) when I did get what I's been nothing like what I've come to expect from the Silver Spoon.

Very poor quality!
4) it takes FOREVER for something to be prepared, whether it's a coffee or meal!
5) for a place that was once packed at lunch and dinnertime.....I no longer desire to go in and it seems neither does anyone else!

The energetic, fun and welcoming atmosphere has also disappeared.
6) I tried to go to the Vintage Cafe as a result of my poor experiences at SS only to find that it too has been closed frequently with no apparent reason.

7) When asking staff when the owners will be returning, the ongoing "oh, maybe next week" answer is no longer believeable......makes me wonder if the owners just up and abandoned the whole establishment because clearly no one has heard from them!

It makes me sad to hear others talk about the poor state of this once lovely cafe because I used to love this place!

Delicious is not how I would describe The Silver Spoon right now......hopefully that changes.............soon!

'Til then I'll pass.