Expat Musicians in Kunming

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Now, I'm still 4 months out from my departure so I really have no clue. I would appreciate any responses. I am aware of the Kunming musicians Facebook, but considering restrictions on internet access, I don't know how much I should read into what I'm seeing.

I've just had these visions, as an American, of going to Kunming and playing with a bunch of Expats from places like Frankfort, Amsterdam, Bern, Torino, Budapest etc as opposed to Philadelphia and New York...

Don't get me wrong, I love the prospect of playing with Europeans and people from other counties, I should be a better musician and person for it (The talent that has gone through venues like the North Sea Jazz Festival etc... has been amazing over the years), but I was curious if anyone could confirm or deny my outsider observation?

I guess until I'm actually in KM, I can only daydream about how things will go so I a thank any one willing to indulge me ;)

tigertiger - moderator (5017 posts) • 0

You can also expect to mix with the local musicians. There is a growing local indie scene. But professional musicians are rare in China. The government is trying to stimulate the industry, I think they don't like the Hip Hop influence, but they are the ones who have stifled musical development for years. However, I am seeing more street performers.

But any idea of forming an east coast type music ensemble is unlikely to happen. There probably aren't that many musicians here.

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