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No laowai allowed here

chris8080 (226 posts) • 0

By the way, there's a club in Kundu - I forget the Chinese name, I think it translates as Sounds of Nature - where they have a 'no foreigner' policy at the moment. I was there last night - I think they didn't realise me going in and then after I went out to buy some smokes I had a hell of a time getting back in, even though I'd just bought a table of beers. They were quite clear about the fact that they don't allow dirty foreigners in. I only got in after my chinese friends argued for a long time. Personally I'm not too offended by it.. I've enjoyed so many benefits in Kundu that I can accept some negativity. But really, I don't understand it. I guess old Uncle Nationalism is rearing his ugly head again. He can just fuck off - as Einstein said, "Nationalism is the measles of mankind.".

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0

It has more to do with the fights that break out when laowai's meet Chinese women. When guys (both laowai's and Chinese) start drinking suddenly they feel that they can fight. There have been many instances of this so I guess they want to minimize this.

tigertiger - moderator (5092 posts) • 0

Highly likely it is what Liumingke says. When I was young I worked in a bar that had a policy of 'no one with a tattoo'.
Another possibly, without wanting to sound dramatic, it is worth noting that there are many clubs that are run or frequented by local mobsters. It could be that between your first and second time of entry one of these guys (who doesn't like laowai) showed up.

misfit (110 posts) • 0

Did you raise a nationalism flag when you got free drinks just because you are not chinese?
some clubs allow no sport shoes, others want more female than male customers, others again need a vip card, etc...
Entrance in a CLUB should be restricted by definition, nationalism here never stopped to rear his ugly head in these latitudes but not in this case i guess, take it easy and spend your nights in a nice bar with good music next time...

Yuanyangren (297 posts) • 0

@chris8080, I have heard of this before, it sounds a bit racist but are you sure you were rejected because you're a foreigner? Also, were you quite "dirty" as you say? What is that supposed to mean? Many locals don't have showers very often and then go clubbing too and besides all the cigarette smoke and people, being clean is hardly possible after a night out there.

If so, you should file a complaint or post your experience on an international news site. Imagine the outrage this would cause if say, a black person were refused entry to a club for being black. Remember when "Mongolians and blacks" were refused entry to Beijing clubs during the Olympics and the outrage it caused, particularly in America and other foreign countries?

I have been to Kundu numerous times and generally not had any problems there, although once a friend of mine from Norway (he has since returned home) tried to enter a club I previously visited the weekend before (I think it was Babi club) and was refused although it looked quite full inside. Can't say what the reasons were although he was also already drunk. At the time my Chinese wasn't good enough to understand what the bouncer was trying to say...so we went to the club next door which was better anyway where he had no problems entering.

In any case, if you want quality clubbing, either look elsewhere or go to Thailand. Kundu kinda sucks anyway and given the amount of smoke in there, spend a few nights in there and you'll probably get a heart attack, stroke or lung cancer from all the smoke that fills your body. Thailand is way better- smoking was banned back in 2007 in nightclubs.

chris8080 (226 posts) • 0

misfit -

yeah like i said, it doesn't bother me that much because i generally get treated extremely well in kundu, so i don't mind taking the rough with the smooth.

yuanyangren -

i didn't mean literally dirty.

yeah it is pretty racist to have a 'no foreigner' policy. actually this happened before in this club - they wouldn't let me in because i'm not chinese. so maybe the owner just has a problem with foreigners. fare enough, everyone's entitled to their opinion. last night there was this aggressive bouncer, a real evil-looking motherf*cker, who just wouldn't let me in but i was with a load of chinese people and they eventually persuaded him after a lot of arguing. to be honest, it's a crappy club anyway but it was the only place we could get a table.

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0

@chris8080 Isn't it better to go to a place that you feel welcome without having to use other Chinese friends to get you in? That place you went to, my advice is never go there again. It's not worth it.

Yuanyangren (297 posts) • 0

@Liumingke1234, I fully agree. This is exactly what I implied in my previous post but didn't directly say. I personally would never go somewhere where I didn't feel welcome.

@chris8080, where in Kundu is this club located? Near Babi or near the back?

I'm wondering if the bouncers also prevent Thai and Lao people from entering. Of course they are also foreigners, but due to their appearence could sometimes get away with being mistaken for Chinese, particularly in Yunnan province with its many ethnic minorities. Having said that, there was a case of a Thai guy who got killed in Kundu some years back and my understanding is that there is quite a bit of tension between some local Chinese clubbers in Kundu and some of the Thais that go there.

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