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I Need a Good Moving Company

Ricklane (39 posts) • 0

Don't bother with spammers, or perhaps spambots. Btw, isn't there a strict website policy here regarding not engaging with them? Let the mods take care of them.

To answer OP, and those looking for domestic moving companies for future references, Huolala (货拉拉) is the moving company of choice in China these days. Easily ordered via app and their competitive rates are transparent. Depending on capacity, their vehicles vary in many sizes, conspicuously parked by building entrances with their orange and white logo slapped on the side. Huolala is as ubiquotous for moving as Didi is for ride hailing or Meituan for food delivery.

website: www.huolala.cn

Anonymous Coward (329 posts) • +1

Nice necropost. I actually am still "stuck" in Shandong most of the time. I did end up moving my things to Yunnan with a local company, however. I think I ended up paying around 5000RMB. Nothing was broken, but probably because I packed most of the things myself. Wooden crates were made for a few items though.

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