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aaronb (54 posts) • 0

Can someone give any specific numbers, addresses or details about good safe dental care that is affordable. I know of huiying,they are good, but it is too expensive for me.

Jean Luc Godard (11 posts) • 0

I've heard about [Ron Rue i yen] (international phonetic transcription). Bus line 74 or 129 . It's a big hospital.
Can u give me references of huiying ?

YuantongsiYuantongsi (717 posts) • 0

I went to HuiYing last week together with my son, was good, all up we had: 2 annual check ups, one chipped tooth capped and one cleaning, it cost altogether 300 rmb, not bad value. They accepted cards. It was clean, Dentist spoke English and Chinese.

The only thing to keep in mind is that its popular and you should call first for an appointment.

I am sure there are other private places as well that are of similar quality, but for cheaper I think you probably will have to skimp on privacy and maybe cleanliness.

aaronb (54 posts) • 0

Jean Luc Goddard do you know what streets that is on? I don't use the bus.

Yuangtongsi The price they quoted me was 2000 rmb and i have no problems (cavities, pain, crowns, fillings, chipped teeth, etc.).

AlPage48 (1394 posts) • 0

2000 sounds a little extreme. I've spent only 3,300 at HuiYing in the past year, including a root canal for myself and two wisdom teeth surgically removed for my daughter PLUS cleaning for three of us twice over.

seahorse62 (141 posts) • 0

My family has used David's Dental. He is located around the corner from the Carrefour on Beijing Rd. He did a root canal for my wife, and she was pleased with his work. He was careful, and he helped manage the pain. He also filled a cavity on one of my children. Best of all, he speaks pretty decent English. The number is 13888682697.

aaronb (54 posts) • 0

Before I started this thread, I used the "search" function to check older thread about dentists in Kunming. Huiying is listed there, and and a few other places are mentioned, but their names, address, phone numbers omitted.

So to recap, thanks, but can anyone recommend a place besides huiying, and give more than a bus # ?( I don't ride the bus and don't want to spend a whole afternoon finding the place with such vague directions). An intersection, name, etc. would be great.

Also I am not looking for a foreigner friendly place, or a Dentist who speaks English. Thanks.

okbears (11 posts) • 0

I had a wisdom tooth that was already through the gums pulled a few months back. A friend recommended the dentist, who has a small clinic near the Xiao Xi Men Walmart. He trained outside China, Canada I think, and speaks some English. He was very nice, professional, and clean. The tooth extraction cost 300 rmb.

His clinic is located on in the building with the large SuNing appliance store, on the opposite side of Dong Feng Lu from the Xiao Xi Men Walmart. Bus 82 and 84 stop right outside. Walking south on Dong Feng Lu, pass the SuNing and turn left onto the street that curves around the back on the building. The entrance is right behind the SuNing the clinic is on the 14th floor. His surname is Shen, and his number is 13888611575.

zhubajie (57 posts) • 0

I've had a good experience with the "Stomatology Hospital" (i.e., Dental Hospital) of the Kunming Medical School on Renmin Lu. At least one dentist had good English. I know the Medical School has English classes for it's students.

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