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Forums > Living in Kunming > Dental care

I've heard about [Ron Rue i yen] (international phonetic transcription). Bus line 74 or 129 . It's a big hospital.
Can u give me references of huiying ?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Classic music - University of music

I am a french teacher & want to start a subject about classic music. Does anyone interested in ? I would like to meet music players, all kinds, western classic or chinese classic & enjoy music as an art..


Forums > Study > Chinese Film Night

I'm very interested in it. I will be faithfull to this event. Each wednesday I already join the documentary movies sessions in Yunda. Of course, as the 2d university semester starts end of february, we, teachers, will join in that time.
Pz put me in your mailing list. Many thanks,


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Coffee, a big new market in China.. And what about drinking tea, a such healthy millenary chinese way of life.. if it could disappear & replace.. so great for coffee business ! Wellcome f... S...ks !

Where can you have a drink in a cosy bar listening to Bob Marley, Kaya and a few minutes later, have a live classic guitar show ? (the owners are a group of friends graduated from Yunnan Music University-although some nights can play "stupid" popular chinese balads ah !). Any foreigners.. yet !
So Where ?
Next to Moondog (eheh try find it)



Why f.. hell do u want to eat a pizza in such a cafe ! Just go there & enjoy the nice atmosphere, the nice furniture, have a nice coffee or whatever other drink u want, with a such wonderful staff & director ! I should not say that but I often go there & the staff rush to offer me a glass of water..! Where else can u find that ? They are just wonderful.. (by the way if u want to eat, just go to the superb restaurant in the ancient house called Jiayan, next to there)


Just perfect. The staff (male & female) are so professional. Just move a finger, or eye-catching and your desire will be satisfied in a second with a smile - ah!the french cafe's staff so bad !
The expresso is just.. perfect served with a glass of water.

The atmosphere is just.. perfect with an all white and elegant decor - ah Salvador's so ugly ! With many groups of girls, no foreigners except Mamadou (another french teacher from Sénégal) and I... on friday evening for a philosophy & litterature talk. You all welcome to join us !